Annual Seed Sale Fundraiser Now On!

Annual Seed Sale Fundraiser Now On!

That’s right, it’s that time of year again – the seed sale fundraiser is now on! What’s all this about, you ask? Well, once a year after bankable quantities have been safely stowed away for future years, I separate out all the varieties that I […]

2016 Round Up

Populuxe Seed Bank on CBC This one is pretty exciting, and I’ve been sitting on the announcement for a few weeks now. I was interviewed by CBC for their latest episode of Ideas! The episode is (as you might expect) all about seed banks. It’s […]

End of Season Update

Oh what a year it’s been for the garden! It started out pretty rough, the seedlings were weak when transplanted, and I wasn’t sure they would all make it (they did!). Then they all grew so fast, my plots were like tiny little jungles in […]

Mid-Season Update

It’s been a while, but the garden has been growing like mad! After a pretty severe bump early in the spring – everything almost got burned back to the stems because we had no moisture and incredibly high heat for May in my neck of […]

Seed Starting Begins

This time of year is pretty high up on my list of favourite times of year. Not only after a long winter do I get to go out in the garden and sink my hands in the dirt again, but after what seems to be […]

2016 Grow Outs

I’ve been madly at work, pouring over lists and discussing what all of the volunteer growers want to grow out this year. This year there are over 50 varieties of tomato, along with approximately 10-15 varieties of other species (squash, lettuce, peas, beans, peppers, etc.). […]